What our Students Say about BUSY Schools

Not every kid has a great time at school and for some it can be a real struggle, fitting in with their peers, keeping up with the curriculum while juggling personal issues or problems at home can make it extremely tough for some.

BUSY Schools offers an alternative schooling for Year 11 and 12 students who are disengaged with mainstream schooling, providing a supportive environment with smaller classes and options to explore vocational career paths while still completing their QCE.

The first campus for BUSY Schools opened in Cairns in 2020 and approximately 55 students recently finished their first year 11 studies successfully. With another campus opening in Shailer Park in time for Term 1 2021, we asked some of the Cairns campus students what they thought of their first year at BUSY Schools. Here’s what they had to say.

Jess recently completed year 11 and will complete Year 12 in 2021 at BUSY Schools.

“I like how the school has no fees. They are actually trying to help and it feels genuine here, the teachers seem to really care. I want to work in hospitality and one day run my own café”.

Ethan completed Year 11 with BUSY Schools and is now studying with TAFE and pursuing a Plumbing Apprenticeship.

“I like that it’s not too hard, we get lots of help and teachers try hard to support us. They care but also give us more freedom, there are less rules here. I want to do a plumbing apprenticeship, I’ve now been accepted into TAFE which is great”.

Una completed Year 11 and received the 2020 Principals Award for outstanding achievement.

“I love walking into the school and seeing all the staff and teachers. They do a lot for the students and even looked after my son while I did my exams. My goal is to work in the community services sector where I can help people”.

Kira completed Year 11 and was awarded School Captain due to her exceptional leadership abilities.

“What I like about BUSY Schools is that no student goes unnoticed, every student has their place. The school is helping me to gain my QCE while also providing life skills and some certificates along the way”.

“I thought I was interested in hotel management but the teachers at BUSY Schools have inspired me to follow a career in early childhood education. I recently completed four days of work experience in a school and loved it!”


For more information regarding BUSY Schools contact 1300 176 472 or email admin@busyschools.com.au

You can view more of Kira’s feedback regarding BUSY Schools below:


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