Calleb gets a head start in a career path, thanks to BUSY

The BUSY Schools Shailer Park campus opened at the beginning of this year with the very first intake of students for Year 11 Term 1. Since then it has been full steam ahead with many students undertaking a range of work experience activities and exploring different career pathways, all while undertaking their schooling.

One of the students, Calleb Heron, has already started a school-based traineeship, getting a head start into a career path while still at school. Calleb was recently signed into the traineeship by BUSY At Work, an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider, and, like BUSY Schools, a part of The BUSY Group.

While undertaking his school-based traineeship, Calleb spends one day a week at his new workplace, automotive service company, Millard Tyre and Service Centre. He benefits through learning on the job skills while studying to complete a Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology.

As for all school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, this one day a week at work becomes part of Calleb’s school curriculum and contributes to his Queensland Certificate of Education.

Despite this being his first job, Calleb has proven to be a tenacious and dedicated employee, never missing a day and taking himself to work each week via public transport, which includes both a bus and a train trip to get there.

Calleb’s supervisor at Millards, Jess Lee, stated, “Calleb has proven himself during his time here and displays a great level of maturity, sometimes staying back after finishing time”.

Calleb, who has always been interested in cars, has stated he stays back at times because he is enjoying the work so much.

“For young people in their senior schooling, working out what you want to do after school can be daunting. BUSY Schools support all students to find their ‘niche’ based on their strengths and what they like doing.

“Calleb seems to thrive in a hands-on learning environment and thanks to the traineeship, he’ll have a head start in his chosen industry including contacts, references and most importantly the skills and experience”, CEO for BUSY Schools, Lee Aitken stated.

Calleb is starting a traineeship while still at school which will give him a great start to a career in automotive services.

Enrolments are still available for the Shailer Park and Cairns campuses, in time for Term 2.

BUSY Schools is also opening a new school for the Brisbane region, in Salisbury, ready for Term 2, and enrolments are being taken now.

To enquire, or for more information regarding BUSY Schools visit or
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Shailer Park students tell us what they think

The second BUSY Schools campus at Shailer Park opened in February 2021 and we recently caught up with some of the students to ask them what they thought of their new school.

Cameron photo


“It’s easier than a normal school, more lenient and relaxed. Really friendly students and teachers. “I like cars so I’m interested in a career in the automotive industry, maybe as a mechanic or in car sales”.
Jeremiah photo


“The other students are great, everyone gets along and are supportive. “I want to become a ‘sparky’ and work with electrics”.
Ensar  photo


“It’s different but in a good way. The teachers are very proactive and like to help, and the other students are friendly. The education here is good and for people looking for a future in trades it’s the best school. “I want to work in the automotive industry as I have an interest in cars.”
Kristen photo


“Everyone’s nice, especially the teachers who help you find what you need. We also get free food, a uniform and stationary which is great too. “I’m looking at either becoming an electrician or a midwife – not sure yet!”
Jayden photo


“There are nice people here, everyone’s friendly including the staff. “I’m interested in a plumbing apprenticeship to become a plumber as I think it’s interesting and its good pay”.

Find out more about BUSY Schools Shailer Park campus and their first term since opening!

New BUSY Schools Campus to Open in Salisbury

If you know of a student in the Logan or Brisbane regions who is struggling with traditional schooling and looking for an alternative for Year 11 or 12, BUSY Schools may be the answer.

BUSY Schools, an initiative of The BUSY Group Ltd, is set to open a third campus in Queensland on the back of their two successful schools opening in Cairns (2020) and Shailer Park early this year. The third campus, located in Salisbury, Brisbane will open in Term 2, 2021.

The BUSY Group is a not for profit organisation that delivers a range of employment, apprenticeship support and skills training for job seekers throughout Queensland, and reinvests into the community through initiatives like the BUSY Schools.

In 2020, BUSY Schools launched their first campus in Cairns welcoming year 11 students from a range of backgrounds and varying levels of disengagement. Despite the challenges of 2020, the year was a resounding success for the students with 98% of the enrolled year 11 students continuing onto year 12 and others commencing apprenticeship trade careers. The Cairns campus has opened additional classes in 2021 to cater for demand and the second campus in Shailer Park is fast enrolling students in the Logan region.

The BUSY Group is now looking forward to opening the third BUSY School at Salisbury in Term 2, 2021, servicing Brisbane and surrounds.

What is the BUSY School?

The BUSY School is a Queensland special assistance school approved by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017.

Delivering an alternative learning solution to those students in years 11 and 12 who are looking for an opportunity to re-engage and complete their studies, the school’s goal is that 100% of graduates gain employment or progress to further training or education on completion of the program’

The BUSY Schools program is designed for students who, for a variety of reasons, find traditional schooling difficult. Teachers work closely with students and their family to re-engage them with education in a nurturing environment that leads to career outcomes or further education that suits their abilities and passions.

CEO of the BUSY Schools, Lee Aitken is open to discussions with organisations, schools and parents regarding the potential enrolment of students who, for whatever reason, are not thriving in the normal school system.

“Not everyone thrives in the traditional schooling system and BUSY Schools is an alternative for those students who may have disengaged. We are really proud of the results we have seen so far with our students, the difference we are making in young people’s lives is inspiring to all our staff who are incredibly invested in the successful education and career pathway outcomes we achieve for our students”, Lee stated.

Lee Aitken can be contacted via email at or by calling 1300 176 472.

Further information regarding BUSY Schools can be found at

Watch video of School Captain Kira tell her experience at BUSY Schools Cairns Campus.



MEDIA CONTACT:                     

Michelle Ryan, BUSY At Work

0407 169 029 or email

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