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SEE Group Continues Support in 2024

The BUSY School proudly announces the continuation of its partnership with SEE Group in 2024, marking a significant milestone in our joint mission to uplift disengaged youth. 

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to community welfare and excellence in job training, SEE Group reaffirms its dedication by making another significant financial investment to the ongoing support of The BUSY School in 2024. In addition, the company continues to provide school-based apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for students interested in a career path in the construction industry.

With over three decades of experience as a nationally recognised family-run business in construction solutions, SEE Group supports both its people and the broader community. Understanding that traditional schooling may not suit every individual, SEE Group’s compassionate team actively champions The BUSY School and our focus on addressing the 20% student disengagement statistics in mainstream education. 

“At SEE Group, we view our partnership with The BUSY School as a full-circle commitment to the teenagers in our community,” expressed Peta Newton, Executive Director at SEE Group. 

“It’s not just about providing career opportunities within SEE Group; it’s about ensuring a bright future for the youth of Australia. The BUSY School plays a pivotal role in supporting these students, and we’re proud to stand by them.” 

Chantelle Neiland, People and Culture Manager at SEE Group, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the company’s ethos of familial support. “We are not merely offering career pathways; we are nurturing complete educational journeys for these students. By engaging with parents within the SEE Group community, we aim to inspire a shared vision for the future, where youth thrive.” 

Lee Aitken, CEO of The BUSY School, expressed deep gratitude for the renewed partnership, emphasising the transformative impact on students’ lives. “SEE Group is a family-run business at heart. They understand the importance of building the foundations of learning, career opportunities, and most importantly, support building confidence in young adults. We are grateful for their generous financial contribution which goes a long way in providing more students to re-engage with their education, as well as continuing to offer career opportunities in the construction industry.”  

The renewed partnership between The BUSY School and SEE Group signifies a shared commitment to fostering growth and empowerment for young people who had previously disengaged from education. Through this collaboration, both organisations are contributing to brighter futures for young people in our region. 


For media inquiries, please contact:  

Carly Brown | The BUSY Schools Marketing Specialist 

The BUSY Group 

P: 0448705747 | E: 

Building Futures Project Supporting Future Builders!

Two budding tradies and students at The BUSY School’s newly opened Ipswich campus, Zac and Tyler have been given an opportunity to start their career path into construction, thanks to the Apprenticeships QLD (AQ) Building Futures Project. The BUSY Group is a proud supporter of Apprenticeships QLD and the Building Futures Program offers our BUSY School students practical learning on a construction site that involves renovation of a property.

Working on the seventh house renovation project that The Building Futures Project has initiated in the Ipswich shire, both Zac and Tyler will complete a Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111), which becomes part of their school curriculum. Under the watchful gaze of qualified tradesmen and volunteers from the Ipswich Men’s Shed, the learning opportunity will give them a great taste of the construction industry and further their learning in the industry.

Candice Ferrier, Employment Pathways Officer at The BUSY School campus in Ipswich, said, “Apprenticeships QLD Building Futures Project is a very successful program that has run for many years. In my role supporting young people into their career of choice, it has always been the place to go for young people interested in this area of residential construction.

“Students learn about the importance of safety, reliability, and communication, they learn to work as a team and become self-motivated learners and learn what employers want. The added advantage is the restoration of some of Ipswich’s historic homes. The combination of training and exposure to a live construction site better prepares our young people for what lies ahead. They are coming away with a true sense of what the nature of work in construction truly looks like.”

During their time on the project, Zac and Tyler will gain experience in a range of construction trades including painting, carpentry, concreting and landscaping – just to name a few. They can also interact with current apprentices onsite and be able to apply for future School-based Apprenticeship opportunities in carpentry or painting.

Zac said of his experience, “I thought it would be cool to rebuild homes and this will benefit us by giving us a White Card and our Certificate I in Construction so we can get into an apprenticeship.

“I have already learnt how to create a level surface for laying a large slab of concrete for under the house. We wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for BUSY and meeting Candice!”

Zac, who has ambitions to complete an apprenticeship and start his own construction business one day, has also learnt a vital life skill saying, “Proper nutrition and hydration is really important!”

Tyler is also keen for a career in the construction industry and said of the renovation project, “I’ve already learnt painting, reading building diagrams and how to write job site safety assessments. I want to complete an apprenticeship and become a carpenter.”

When asked what he would say to other high schoolers looking to explore a career in construction, Zac said, “Give it a go and put in as much effort as you can, you’ll get somewhere.”

Zac (L) and Tyler (R) on site at the Ipswich Building Futures Project where they are learning practical knowledge for residential construction and completing a Certificate I in Construction. They are both keen to pursue an apprenticeship pathway in construction.

Addressing the Alarming Rates of School Attendance

This month, The BUSY School was saddened by the trends in school attendance reported in the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) Growing up in Queensland Report 2024.

Key findings from the report revealed a significant decline in regular school attendance and completion rates across Queensland.  

Queensland was listed towards the bottom, with one of the lowest percentages of fully engaged young people, with only 77.9% of students fully engaged in education.  

Most striking, was the regular school attendance rate dropping to 49.1% in 2022 compared to 70.4% in 2018.  

The BUSY School offers a proactive solution for engaging students, a vital service as evidenced by the reported statistics.  

The BUSY School has reaffirmed its position to provide dedicated services aimed at addressing attendance challenges. 

In recent discussions The BUSY School emphasised the importance of its dedicated bus services and unwavering commitment to supporting students in accessing public transport concessions at campuses where access to regular train and bus routes is limited.  

Recognising the critical role transportation plays in ensuring regular attendance, The BUSY School has prioritised the purchase of a 24-seater bus to eliminate barriers to attendance for students at the Cleveland Campus.
The purchase of this bus demonstrates The BUSY School’s dedication to providing a safe and reliable means of transportation for students, particularly those facing challenges in commuting to campus, empowering students to fully engage in their education. 

Head of The BUSY School, Bill Weigall said, “We believe that access to reliable transportation should not be a barrier to education.  The BUSY School mission has always gone beyond education; it’s about empowering our students to overcome barriers and reach their full potential, no matter the obstacles they may face.” 

The BUSY School operates as a not-for-profit and extends its heartfelt appreciation to the corporations, businesses, and community members whose support enables them to make purchases to continue the mission. Through collaborative efforts, The BUSY School is committed to supporting students and aims to expand support and services to reach even more communities in need.  


von Bibra Driving Positive Change

The BUSY School is proud to announce the continued support and generous sponsorship from von Bibra Auto Group.

The BUSY School is proud to announce the continued support and generous sponsorship from von Bibra Auto Group, a commitment that demonstrates their dedication to transforming the lives of disengaged students in our communities. 

Wade von Bibra, Managing Director of von Bibra Auto Group, and his compassionate team at their multiple Gold Coast car yards have once again demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people. The partnership, which began in 2023, has provided meaningful support towards the success and achievements of The BUSY School’s student body. 

One of the key initiatives introduced by von Bibra Auto Group is from every new car sold, von Bibra car owners can select The BUSY School for a $20 direct donation. This thoughtful gesture amounted to approximately $20,000 for the year of. We’re thrilled that the partnership initiative will continue in 2024, with all funds raised enabling further support for young people disengaged from mainstream schooling. 

Wade von Bibra expressed his enthusiasm for the cause, stating, “The whole team at von Bibra really get behind these teenagers, love getting involved in the energetic fundraising events BUSY School hosts, and feels a sense of pride when reflecting on our chosen charity being our neighbours, the kids we see around our local community.” 

Lee Aitken, CEO of The BUSY School, emphasised the importance of community collaboration, saying, “It takes a community to raise a community, and Wade and the team have been the most respectful and supportive group of people who understand our mission that every young person deserves an education and a place to belong.” 

The impact of von Bibra Auto Group’s sponsorship extends beyond financial contributions. The team actively engages with The BUSY School’s events and initiatives, fostering a sense of community and providing options for work experience and auto mechanic career pathways to support students. 

As the partnership enters its second year, the student body of The BUSY School can once again look forward to the energy and generous donations from the von Bibra team. The 2024 fundraising efforts promise to be a testament to the commitment of both organisations in creating positive change.  

About von Bibra Auto Group:

– von Bibra Auto Group is a leading automotive dealership with multiple locations on the Gold Coast.

– The organisation is committed to making a positive impact on the local community through various charitable initiatives.

Find out more about von Bibra Auto Group

About The BUSY School:

– The BUSY School is an independent special assistance school accredited to deliver Senior (Years 11 and 12) by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB) under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017.

– There are eight BUSY School campuses in Queensland.

– The BUSY School program is designed to work with students who, for a variety of reasons, find traditional schooling difficult. Disengagement is often correlated to economic disadvantage, difficult home lives, mental health and wellbeing challenges, previous trauma and negative experiences in previous schooling.

– The BUSY School offers disengaged students an alternative approach to education with smaller campuses, smaller classes, a safe and supportive environment, a focus on tangible career pathways and a belief that every child deserves an education and a place to belong.

Find out more about The BUSY School


The BUSY School ‘NO LIMITS – Careers Expo’ 2024

Held today at The BUSY School Coolangatta Campus, the NO LIMITS – Careers Expo offered The BUSY School students in the South-East Queensland region the opportunity to explore career pathways to support their future success.

With interactive workshops and a range of industry employers, education facilities and training organisations exhibiting, students had the chance to gain information and participate in hands-on workshops, offering them a glimpse into different trades.

Cohan, a Year 12 student and Student Leader from the Coolangatta campus shared his excitement about the expo, stating, “I’m excited about how many people are actually interested in giving us opportunities and being able to see what we can do.” As a Student Leader, Cohan acts as a bridge between the students and teachers to assist with any struggles students may be having.

“At my previous school, I didn’t really like it and I had an attitude of, ‘oh well, I’ll just do whatever, maybe mechanics’, but now that I really like school since coming here, I want to do something I enjoy.

“I’ll probably go to Southern Cross University, and I want to be a teacher. I’d like to work at an alternative school, mainly a secondary school like The BUSY School. I’d love to work in a school like this; I believe these types of schools are more personalised and more suited to most students these days.”

Jasper and Seth, Year 11 students from the Shailer Park campus, also attended the day. Both are interested in construction and have already started a school-based apprenticeship. They are taking the opportunity to connect with potential future employers who attended the day.

Jasper said, “The expo is great as we can suss out future job opportunities; it’s a good way to try and find work. I’m interested in construction, and I’m already doing a school-based apprenticeship in construction landscaping.”

Dahna Woods, representing Study Gold Coast—an organisation that connects students to further study and work opportunities upon leaving school—said the reason they exhibited today was, “We are the peak body for industry education, connecting young people with industry across the Gold Coast. It gives us an opportunity to understand what students are after and let them know how we can assist them into industry pathways after completing school.”

Marikka Wilken, Employment Pathway Officer at The BUSY School Coolangatta, said, “We’re really motivated to get our students out there to see what opportunities are available to them. We wanted to give them the opportunity to meet prospective employers.

“We’re really excited by the effort that the exhibitors have put in, the turnout here today, and also the interaction from the students!”

The NO LIMITS – Careers Expo exhibitors included a range of local businesses and esteemed community organisations, Registered Training Organisations, renowned Universities and Trade Industry representatives. View the full list of exhibitors here.

The day provided interactive workshops, a barbecue lunch that everyone enjoyed and even live DJs to add to the atmosphere!

Plan ahead! Our event will be held annually, so if your business is keen on exhibiting in 2025, please contact:

Carly Brown via email at


Cohan (centre) with the crew from Southern Cross University who exhibited on the day. Cohan is interested in a career path as a high school teacher.

Jasper (L) and Seth (R) with the crew from Smart Apprenticeship Solutions, a Group Training Organisation that offers employment opportunities for apprentices.

Join the Movement to Re-engage Youth

At The BUSY School, our mission is to address a critical issue affecting our country: 20% of senior school students are currently disengaged or at risk of disengagement from mainstream education. That’s one in five young people! We exist to close the disengagement gap by providing alternative learning to students in Years 11 and 12.

The BUSY School envisions more young people completing school, entering meaningful employment, and exposing communities to positive change. Our purpose is to understand the needs of our students, our people, and our community, building positive, respectful, and productive relationships to maximise engagement, enhance educational achievement, and open the world of career opportunities.

Our dedicated team of teachers, youth workers, employment pathways officers, and teachers’ aides collaboratively work to provide comprehensive support, enabling students not only to cope but to thrive. We go beyond conventional services typically seen in special assistance schools by identifying and removing barriers to attendance and enjoyment of learning, and placing a focus on employment pathways.

Our program prioritises a comprehensive approach to student development, ensuring each participant completes a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan and co-develops an Individual Learning Plan. We seamlessly integrate academic subjects, Vocational Education and Training (VET), and professional and personal development initiatives.

Former student Tyla Stanton’s journey exemplifies the success stories emerging from The BUSY School’s commitment to transformative education. Tyla is living up to his name and is now an apprentice tiler and working in construction, He discovered his passion during a pivotal work experience opportunity while attending our school, started a school-based apprenticeship before leaving to complete his apprenticeship. Or Ninah who, after struggling at her previous school, is now pursuing her dream to become a sound engineer. The BUSY School understand each student has different skills, aspirations and needs and we personalise our approach to ensure they are supported to realise their goals.

Our goal is for 100% of students to be employed or bound for further studies by graduation!

The BUSY School program depends on the generous support of individuals and corporations. By sharing our mission, you contribute to a movement that empowers young minds to thrive, graduate, and embark on successful career journeys. Help us raise awareness and build a future where every student can succeed.

About The BUSY School

The BUSY School Ltd is a registered charity, Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) with charity tax concessions, endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, we are committed to helping young people, including those with complex learning and social support needs, restore their self-worth, dignity, and achieve educational and employment outcomes.

For more information or to contribute to our movement connect with:

Lana Endersby, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The BUSY School

P: 0476772640


Engage for Change!

This March we are proud to announce the release of our monthly ‘Engage for Change’ Newsletter, designed to share the impact we’ve made, share inspiring success stories, and provide valuable insights into our charitable corporate partnerships and donation endeavours. As a registered charity and recognised Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) with charity tax concessions, we are dedicated to transparently sharing the positive change we bring to communities. Our first edition marks a significant step forward in addressing a critical issue in Australia that shows 20% of senior school students are currently disengaged or at risk of disengagement from mainstream education.

With eight campuses across Queensland supporting over 1250 students and more campuses planned to open, The BUSY School aims to build lasting connections with our local communities, partner with businesses and build brighter futures for disengaged, disadvantaged and high needs students by providing Year 11 and 12 students in a safe environment to re-engage with education while getting a head-start in employment.Newly appointed Corporate Partnerships Manager, Lana Endersby said, “The BUSY School’s mission is to ensure more young people complete school and find meaningful employment resulting in positive change for communities. I now have a front row seat to actively fulfill this mission and close the disengagement gap by championing support for our alternative learning services.”

Reflecting on her initial weeks at The BUSY School, Lana expressed her pride in everyone she encountered – from students to staff, emphasising a shared commitment to the school’s movement. Her role is dedicated to spreading this message throughout Australia, fostering connections with communities, and creating a ripple effect of goodwill as communities and corporate partners join the movement and witness the transformation in students and families.

The BUSY School is actively working towards building a strong financial foundation to ensure sustained growth for regions who need an alternative education offering that re-engages young people with education and their career paths. Our aim is to open more campuses to support our movement.

With a fundraising goal of $300,000 for 2024, the foundation focuses on transformative giving, community engagement fundraising, and individual donations.

This movement is set to gain momentum as The BUSY School explores the potential to expand its reach interstate, with the aim of re-engaging students in learning, guiding them towards achieving their senior certificates, and empowering them to secure employment or pursue further studies.

Is your business looking to support a worthwhile cause?

By supporting The BUSY School, we can open more schools and support more young people to reengage with their education and find a better future.

To subscribe to our monthly newsletters email

Learn more about Corporate Partnership with The BUSY School or contact:

Lana Endersby, Corporate Partnerships Manager

P: 0476772640, E:



WorkwearHub Extend Commitment to Empower The BUSY School Students

The BUSY School is thrilled to announce the extension of its official partnership with WorkwearHub into 2024. This collaboration, now entering its next phase, solidifies a shared commitment to empower BUSY School students pursuing trades, apprenticeships, and traineeships by providing essential safety equipment through WorkwearHub. 

This ongoing partnership reflects The BUSY School’s dedication to ensuring that students have access to all key items necessary for their unique learning journeys. Valued at approximately $10,000, the generous support from WorkwearHub demonstrates a commitment to the social impact missions of The BUSY School Movement. 

Lee Aitken, CEO of The BUSY School, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, “Every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive, the chance to learn their way, and access the support needed to pathway into employment. This continued collaboration with WorkwearHub highlights our commitment to this mission.” 

Tanya Green, Human Resources and Operations Manager at WorkwearHub, supports the belief in alternative education and career pathways provided by The BUSY School. “We want to ensure that students have an easy way to get started with our Tradie Starter Packs, equipped with essential safety gear to kickstart their journey in the trades.” 

In addition to providing Tradie Starter Packs, WorkwearHub offers BUSY School students generous discounts on a wide range of clothing, boots, safety gear, and more. This comprehensive support aims to give students the best chance to fulfill their dreams and contribute to local communities through gainful employment. 

The BUSY School, a registered charity, provides these services across Queensland. The school caters specifically to young people aged 16-19 years who have disengaged from mainstream education or are at risk of disengaging. These schools provide a highly supportive, personalised, and inclusive environment, offering no fees, smaller classroom sizes, wellbeing support, access to vocational education and training, work experience, and career pathway guidance.  

Learn more about The BUSY School 

Learn more about WorkwearHub

 Is your business looking to sponsor a worthwhile cause? 

The BUSY School help young people to re-engage with education and find their vocational path. For sponsorship enquiries, please contact: 

Lana Endersby, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The BUSY School


Phone: 0476 772 640


For media inquiries, please contact: 

Carly Brown | The BUSY School Marketing Specialist 

The BUSY Group 

P: 0448705747 | E:

Official Opening of Brisbane Campus

Leading alternative education provider for disengaged youth, The BUSY School, recently held their official opening of its Brisbane City campus. The Honourable Grace Grace, Minister for Education, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Racing attended to officially open the school during the ceremony.

The Brisbane campus opened in 2023 to meet the growing demand for alternative schooling throughout Queensland for the many students who, for a variety of reasons, do not succeed in the mainstream schooling system.

Liam Barrett began Term 1 this year at the Brisbane City campus and said of his experience, “The teachers and staff here have helped me discover paths and opportunities I couldn’t find in regular mainstream schooling.”

Liam’s mother was searching for a school after recognising her son was disengaging with his education, stating, “I chose The BUSY School for my son because I could see it would provide the support he needed to finish Year 12. BUSY Schools is great for students who have disengaged from mainstream schooling.”

Reflecting on how far the Brisbane City campus students had come since the beginning of the year, at their recent graduation celebrations, Campus Principal Anne English stated, “At the start of the year, on day one, 25 Year 11 students began their journey with us.  Then by the end of Term 1 there were 64 of you, which quickly became 101 by the end of Term 2. Each and every one of you has worked incredibly hard to achieve your successes today.  You have demonstrated the values of The BUSY School – to be inclusive, to strive for excellence, to be resilient, to show integrity, and to embrace innovation, and helped us to create a school with a culture that we all can be proud of.

Lee Aitken, CEO of The BUSY Schools said the campus has provided Brisbane based students with the opportunity to engage with their learning in ways that are suited to their individual needs.

“We seek to understand the needs of the students to help re-engage them through a personalised approach for academic and employment outcomes,” he said.

The BUSY School, an independent senior secondary Special Assistance School network, provides individualised learning support, career planning development, and additional vocational training to year 11 and 12 students. There are currently seven campuses throughout Queensland with plans to open more in 2024.

The schools are an initiative of The BUSY Group, a not-for-profit organisation that delivers a range of employment, apprenticeship support and skills training for job seekers throughout Queensland, and reinvests into the community through initiatives like The BUSY School.

Group of people standing in front of BUSY School media board

The BUSY School Brisbane staff at the official opening of the campus.

New Ipswich Campus Opening in 2024!

The BUSY School is proud to announce the opening of our eighth school campus in the heart of Ipswich. Opening in term 1 next year, this is another step in our mission to support and empower disengaged students in years 11 and 12, guiding them towards attaining a senior school certificate (QCE), achieving employment outcomes and setting the stage for a bright future.

At the helm of the Ipswich campus is Principal Tim Gado, a dedicated advocate for education and student wellbeing. With extensive experience and a proven record of improving senior schooling outcomes, Tim brings valuable expertise to lead our Ipswich Campus.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this dynamic and innovative organisation and lead the new Ipswich Campus as campus principal,” Tim said. 

“The values I personally place on the importance of education resonate with The BUSY School philosophy of helping young people who have disengaged from mainstream schooling achieve high-quality educational and employment outcomes.   

“I look forward to contributing to the success and growth of The BUSY School and being a part of a community that values excellence in education,” he said.  

There has been a high demand and numerous requests to open a BUSY School in the region.

CEO of The BUSY School, Lee Aitken said The BUSY School has been consulting with the Ipswich community since early 2022 to understand local youth issues and how we can help young people who’ve disengaged from education.

“This has included local community groups, the school sector and local and state government representatives who were seeking more alternatives to support youth,” he said.

“The BUSY School will offer Ipswich disengaged youth an opportunity to re-establish their confidence, self-worth and motivation to achieve educational and employment outcomes through a flexible education program that combines academic studies, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and professional and personal development.”

The Ipswich campus is set to welcome year 11 students in term 1 next year and is currently taking enrolments.

For more information or to register your interest, please refer to the enrolment form, call 1300 176 451 or send an email to

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