Following the recent Queensland Health advice, the following provides an update on the status of the start of Term 1 2022 and other important information.

2022 Calendar Change

The BUSY Schools will be following the Queensland Government and health advice on a delayed start of the 2022 academic year.

  • From 31 January, our Year 11 and 12 students will commence Term 1 via remote learning. This is a week later than scheduled and is designed to reduce the impacts of COVID-19 on the workforce and students.
  • Term 1 is planned to commence on-campus from Monday 7 February, following the week of remote learning.
  • Our campus will be open with reduced staffing for the supervision of vulnerable students or students of essential workers from Monday 24 January – Friday 4 February.
    • Please note: staffing will be minimal and no formal learning will be offered Monday 24 January to Friday 28 January.
    • Students on-campus Monday 31 January to Friday 4 February will access remote learning the same as their peers at home.
    • There is no formal teaching of lessons on campus during these two weeks.

Informing of confirmed cases or isolation requirements – from 24 January 2022

  • In the interest of managing the ongoing wellbeing of our school community, we are requesting that families inform the campus if your young person has been diagnosed as a positive COVID-19 case or subject to close contact isolation requirements.
  • If a student has been diagnosed as a positive COVID-19 case, please email evidence of the diagnoses (e.g. copy of PCR text or photo of student holding the RAT) and the date tested positive to your relevant campus:
    Cairns:  Salisbury:  Shailer Park:
  • Please note that a negative PCR or RAT and evidence of this will be required to return to school.
  • If your young person is subject to close contact isolation requirements, please send evidence and/or share information of their isolation requirements and relevant dates to the campus.
  • Return to school scenarios will be dictated by the Government regulations, including any relevant test requirements at the end of the isolation period.

Organising remote learning

  • Teachers will plan and provide learning for students to access information from home, Monday 31 January to Friday 4 February.
  • To support our students we need to conduct an audit of what support your young person may need to engage in remote learning. If you would like to participate in the audit please complete the audit recently emailed to you via Compass and return it to the relevant campus email as listed above. Responses are required by 14th January.

New student orientation – Friday 28 January 

  • Previous plans for the New Student Orientation have been changed to provide a COVID-safe environment for students, families and the school community
  • The New Student Orientation will now occur on Friday 28 January, using a staged schedule for our students.
  • Students MUST wear masks while on campus.
  • The main purpose of the orientation is to provide students with IT access and log in details so remote learning can be started on Monday 31 January.
    • Specific orientation will include logging in, access and activating their BUSY Schools account for the Microsoft programs, e.g. Outlook, OneDrive, Teams. Students have free access to these programs from home via their BUSY Schools log in
  • Other typical orientation activities such as ID photos/cards, resources, and uniforms will also be completed.
  • We understand that some parents/carers may choose not to send their students on this day; we will have a back-up plan for these students and will communicate this accordingly.
  • A thorough clean of the campus will occur after the orientation day.

Vaccination of BUSY Schools staff and students

  • Please be assured that BUSY Schools staff adhere to the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Workers in a high-risk setting Direction.
  • For the safety of our school community, we encourage eligible parents/carers and students be vaccinated and receive their booster.

COVID-19 Information

  • The BUSY Schools adheres to all government directives for COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our school community
  • While The BUSY Schools is an independent school, we encourage our families to access the Queensland Department of Education site and Frequently Asked Questions to have currency of accurate information for our Queensland schools Frequently Asked Questions
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