Is your child struggling at school? Perhaps they are not as engaged as they once were or they are struggling with attendance and this is affecting their performance.

BUSY Schools offers an alternative schooling approach for disengaged students to assist them to complete their QCE and continue into a career path or further education.


BUSY Schools can take the time to provide individual support to students who would otherwise struggle in the mainstream schooling system. We offer:

Access to ongoing career support through The BUSY Group services

Supportive and understanding teachers and staff

Individualised Senior Education and Training Plans (SET)

Assisted vocational or tertiary education pathways

Work readiness skills and preparation

Industry introduction, visits and work experience

Individualised timetables to suit each BUSY Schools student

Small classroom and teaching environment

No fees and we supply uniform items and textbooks.

“At BUSY Schools we aim to progress 100% of our graduating students into employment or further training or education.


At BUSY Schools we provide opportunities for our students through:


A connected network of employment and training

Group Training Organisations (also know as GTOs)

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Services

Australian Government Employment Services Programs

Local Connections

Local industry employers

Community & training organisations

Government representatives

Vocation and Tertiary Pathways

Vocational Education & Training

Tertiary education


The BUSY Schools recognise the importance of providing the opportunity to improve the social, educational and employment outcomes of young people, in particular, those who have disengaged or who are at risk of disengaging.

We are a Queensland Special Assistance School approved by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017.


BUSY’s approach to education goes beyond academic knowledge to encompass the key employability skills that employers are looking for.

We work with each and every student to help refine their education and career goals and map out a career pathway that best suits their goals. Through our industry contacts and networks, we go above and beyond to ensure the very best outcomes for our students.

We strive to provide students with the highest quality educational experience possible by focusing on:

Quality teaching, systems and education processes

Work readiness – skills and preparation for employment

Graduate outcomes – through individual career pathway planning

Assisted pathways for training and paid employment while at school.

Throughout their time at BUSY and beyond, we want to impact their life and career journey through our absolute focus on them as individuals.

At BUSY we aim to make education as enjoyable and engaging as possible by providing:

Supportive learning environment

Student lounge and kitchens

Quiet study and chill-out zones

Group breakout spaces for collaboration and team work

Recreation spaces for physical fitness, recreation and fun

As well as:

Uniforms: Three BUSY Schools uniform shirts.

Food: Nourishing lunch and snacks each day.

Support: Youth Worker and access to allied health services.


The staff at BUSY Schools is committed to ensuring our students complete schooling and move onto career pathways through employment or further study.

We can only achieve this with your commitment to adhere by our BUSY Schools policies.

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