Support for Women in Non-Traditional Trades

The BUSY School, a part of The BUSY Group, is instrumental in increasing the participation of females in non-traditional trades.

All our students are encouraged to explore career pathways that interest them – whatever that may be. This may be through work experience opportunities or by undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

We’re about breaking stereotypes, increasing diversity and allowing all our students to explore and follow their own career goals.

The BUSY School can connect our students to career mentoring support services for apprentices or trainees. This includes a female mentoring program for women who have entered the non-traditional trades (for e.g. construction trades, engineering, mechanics etc).

You grow girl!

Connecting likeminded women is the primary aim of BUSY Sisters – making sure you feel connected and supported as you get your trade career started.

The BUSY Sisters mentoring program is designed to connect women who are looking for support and guidance in relation to their trade career with experienced trades women who have worked in a trade and who can provide unbiased advice and insights on how to best navigate this new career.

It’s sisters looking after sisters…


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