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  • All students agree to an attendance rate of 85% or above when enrolling at BUSY Schools.
  • Students are expected to be in the right place on time.
  • Lateness to all classes will impact on attendance rate.
  • Students are able to access their attendance information through the Administration Officer and the Principal.
  • There is an expectation that if a student has a prolonged absence for illness, then this will be supported by a medical certificate.
  • Students will only be released from school if the parent/carer has given written/verbal permission and agreed that the school has relinquished the duty of care for the day.



The school administration system will record student absences as unexplained absences until the parent or carer has supplied a written or verbal explanation of their absence.  Any lateness or absences impacts on attendance data.


Advising of Absences

There are multiple ways of advising the school of absences.  These include:

Cairns Campus
Shailer Park Campus
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