Health & Wellbeing

The BUSY School is aware that our students come from diverse backgrounds and we’ve built a strong foundation of communication and support for all students and families.  Our team of teachers, youth workers, employment pathways officers and teachers’ aides work closely together to support the students to cope with the demands of schooling, as well as the demands that they face outside of school.

The BUSY School helps alleviate some of the stress that schooling can cause by supplying transport and school supplies, including uniforms to families, as well some basic food for lunches for students who do not bring their own.

We have connections with a variety of support organisations, including:

When dealing with the pressures of school, we understand that not all students cope in the same way and some may feel anxious.  Our staff work together with students to ensure that assessment tasks are manageable and students are coping with their workload.  Our teacher aides have knowledge and experience in working with students requiring extra learning support, as well as behavioural support, and our youth workers are experienced and support students to be as calm as possible.

In each school, there’s dedicated time each day that is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable for students. Students and staff build relations through a range of activities including art, fitness and study.

Rules & Policies

The BUSY School Policies


Guidelines for school absences
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