At the BUSY Schools, we’re all about creating BUSY Futures – futures that are full of possibility! We provide a nurturing, exciting and engaging place for students who have already disengaged or who may be at risk of disengaging from mainstream schooling. For many young people we are a second chance and we pride ourselves on our holistic and alternative approach to learning.

BUSY Schools focus on providing our students with a safe and supportive environment where they can work towards their QCE – as well as find a pathway to future employment. We also support many young people in changing their mindset around a variety of things, including schools and learning.

We are extremely fortunate to have supportive and understanding teaching staff that are willing to show empathy and flexibility when it comes to their teaching styles and how they work with young people. Since opening our first campus in Cairns in early 2020, we have witnessed students who previously believed they had no future in education, realise they have the ability to do anything as long as they put in the effort.

A part of the BUSY Group, we are very fortunate to have access to a range of supporting vocational networks including Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks, Group Training Organisations, strong employer and industry connections throughout Queensland. These assist in providing qualifications, searching and applying for jobs, as well as endeavouring to move students into school-based apprenticeships and traineeships. They also provide insight into life in a work environment, particularly in the world of trade.

We are extremely excited to see BUSY Schools grow and develop into an educational resource that supports young people into bright and successful futures.

Lee Aitken,
CEO of BUSY Schools

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