Bill Weigall

Bill has many years experience teaching in independent schools in Queensland, ACT, England and Scotland. He is passionate about supporting students with diverse needs.

Tim Gado

A dedicated advocate in education, Tim brings extensive experience to the table. With a passion for student wellbeing and engagement, he has a track record in fostering positive outcomes for students in senior schooling.

Ulla Hansson

Ulla is a highly experienced educational leader with over 25 years of experience in both the United States and Australia. A principal in both countries, Ulla successfully improved student achievements and culture.

Anne English

Anne oversees the daily running of the Brisbane City Campus, and student and staff wellbeing.  She brings a wide range of experience from across Queensland education sector and International schools.

Andrew Cavanagh

Andrew brings many years of leadership, management, and teaching experience from the education sector. He is passionate about the transformative impact that alternative education models can have on young people.

Klaus Knobloch

Klaus oversees the daily operations of the Coolangatta Campus, and student and staff welfare. Klaus brings an in depth knowledge and experience of student engagement, pathways and wellbeing in secondary schools.

Ingrid Rucinski

Ingrid is a skilled educational professional who has worked as a teacher and manager in the education sector both internationally and in Australia. She is passionate about fostering an agile work and learning culture.

Shane Blood

Shane oversees the daily operations of the Shailer Park Campus, and student and staff welfare. Shane brings a long history of working in the education sector in Australia and abroad.

Naomi Vucas

Naomi oversees the daily running of The BUSY School Cairns Campus, student and staff welfare. Naomi brings many years’ of teaching and management experience in the education sector.

Lee Aitken

Leading the management of The BUSY School network, Lee brings a wealth of experience after many years in senior management in the education sector both in Australia and abroad.

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